Food delivery workers

Food delivery workers

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Work accidents and deaths in China fall but familiar failings remain

The number of work-related accidents and deaths in China fell by 20.3 percent and 18.5 percent respectively in the first nine months of this year compared with the same period last year, the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) announced this month.
30 October 2019

I Swallowed an Iron Moon: The enduring legacy of worker poet Xu Lizhi

I swallowed an iron moon they called it a screw I swallowed industrial wastewater and unemployment forms bent over machines, our youth died young I swallowed labour, I swallowed poverty swallowed pedestrian bridges, swallowed this rusted-out life I can’t swallow any more everything I’ve swallowed roils up in my throat I spread across my country a poem of shame
30 September 2019

Food delivery drivers forced to work in extreme weather shows absence of regulation

The dreadful working conditions of Chinese food delivery drivers returned to the spotlight in August, as many workers reported that they were forced to take orders during a tropical storm, when demand for food delivery surged.
06 September 2019

Coal mine accidents on the rise during China’s Work Safety Month

China’s coal mine safety record has come under fire from the official media after 30 miners died and 21 were injured in June, China’s National Work Safety Month. The Coal Mine Safety website listed details of the 12 accidents that had occurred in June and urged the industry to refocus its efforts on accident prevention.
11 July 2019

The shifting patterns of labour protests in China present a challenge to the union

Collective protests by China’s workers are typically small-scale, spontaneous actions designed both to expose and resist employer abuses and violations of basic labour rights such as the non-payment of wages. The large-scale strikes and protests by factory workers that highlighted labour activism five years ago, are becoming less and less visible today. Labour activism is now far more fluid and transitory and as such presents new challenges to both grassroots organizers and China’s official trade union.
09 July 2019

China’s workers’ movement will continue despite crackdown on labour activists

China will mark May Day this year with around 50 labour activists in some form of detention. CLB reiterates its call for the release of all activists and an end to the crackdown.
30 April 2019

Food delivery workers in China strike over pay cuts and unfair work practices

There have been at least 15 strikes and protests by food delivery workers in China since 1 May as increased competition among delivery platforms has drastically reduced workers’ take-home pay.
05 June 2018

How food delivery riders in Shanghai got their own trade union

Shanghai has set up China’s first trade union for food delivery workers. An important initiative to counter precarious work in an increasingly informal service economy 
25 January 2018

Fatal accident highlights intense pressures faced by China’s food-delivery workers

Food delivery drivers in China are poorly paid, have little or no job protection, and are under intense pressure to make deliveries in the shortest possible time. This inevitably leads to accidents.
06 December 2017

China’s food delivery workers take a stand

Drivers at each of China’s three major food delivery platforms - Waimai,, and Meituan – staged strikes and protests last month as pay and working conditions declined further
03 October 2017
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