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Decent healthcare still a distant dream for most workers in China

Around ten million workers joined China’s main state-backed medical insurance scheme last year, an increase of 4.6 percent over 2017, according to official figures. That is the good news. The not so good news is that the 233 million employees covered only account for less than a third of China’s total workforce. There are, in addition, 84 million retirees currently covered by the scheme.
04 July 2019

Doctors, nurses strike in Shandong after murder of paediatrician

Medical workers take to collective action as attacks on China's doctors and nurses continue to rise
12 October 2016

At least six violent attacks on medical staff in China so far this month

Two years after the Chinese authorities vowed to get tough on violence against doctors, nurses and other medical staff, there is little sign that work safety in China’s hospitals has improved.
25 May 2016

Nurses in several Chinese cities strike over low pay and benefits

Nurses in at least eight hospitals across China have gone out on strike in the last six months over low pay and benefits and demands for equal pay for equal work. Photo: Nurses on strike in Fuyang, Anhui.
03 February 2016

Reuters: Miners' hospice in China faces struggle to survive

Yangjia Hospital in remote Wuyi County in eastern China has become a home-from-home for Hu Hushen, 78, a former miner suffering from "miner's lung", as the disease pneumoconiosis is often called, since 1976.
29 October 2015

The Nation: China’s Meltdown Goes Deeper Than the Stock Market

The market’s volatility hurts share prices, but the turbulence in China’s real economy has plunged workers into poverty and fatal risks on the job.
27 August 2015

Calling the union to account: One woman’s decade of labour activism

Han Dongfang talks to Xu Ziqi, a worker activist who is single-handedly doing the job of the union in monitoring her employer’s legal compliance and safeguarding employee rights.
07 May 2014

A welcome first step towards zero tolerance of attacks on hospital staff in China

Chinese authorities criminalize verbal and physical attacks on healthcare workers in a bid to stem the tide of hospital violence but new rules need to be vigorously enforced.
25 April 2014

Voices from the frontline: The growing problem of violence in China’s hospitals

Following the vicious attack on a 28-year-old nurse at a Nanjing hospital last month, healthcare workers in that city discuss what needs to be done.
12 March 2014

Doctors protest at violence while hospital security guards languish in police detention

Following the killing of a senior doctor and the subsequent mass protest by hundreds of hospital workers in the Zhejiang city of Wenling last Monday, the issue of hospital security and the dangers faced by China’s doctors has once again hit the headlines.
04 November 2013
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