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Working Hours

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China’s workers’ movement will continue despite crackdown on labour activists

China will mark May Day this year with around 50 labour activists in some form of detention. CLB reiterates its call for the release of all activists and an end to the crackdown.
30 April 2019

Sanitation workers are out on strike again in China

China’s sanitation workers were back in the news again last month, staging protests over low pay and benefits in three cities; Shanghai, Liuzhou in Guangxi and Taiyuan in Shanxi.
06 April 2018

Agency workers at SOEs take action demanding equal pay

Agency workers deserve equal pay by law but almost never get it despite strict legislation
08 August 2017

Worker unrest spreads to the luxury goods and services sector

Just like factory workers, miners and construction workers, luxury goods and service providers are staging strikes and protests over wage arrears and lay-offs.
03 August 2016

What happens when the boss actually abides by the law during a factory closure in China?

The Xing Ang closure shows that it is not China’s economic slowdown  that gives rise to worker protests, it is the response of employers to that slowdown and the way they treat their employees that determines worker actions.
01 February 2016

China’s elderly street sweepers at risk as temperatures plummet

As temperatures plummet across the whole of China, there is a growing risk that more street sweepers will be badly injured or even killed in accidents related to poor weather.
22 January 2016

Wall Street Journal: China’s Workers Are Fighting Back as Economic Dream Fades

For workers like Li Jiang, factory closings represent a failed promise of a better life earned far from home
15 December 2015

Elderly sanitation worker’s death shows need for collective action and solidarity

Sanitation workers in the southern city of Guangzhou have had considerable success over the last few years in taking collective action to improve their pay and working conditions but far too many elderly cleaners and street sweepers remain vulnerable and unprotected.
14 December 2015

New York Times: China Arrests at Least 3 Workers’ Rights Leaders Amid Rising Unrest

The police in southern China have arrested at least three workers’ rights leaders in recent days, labor groups and activists said on Saturday.
06 December 2015

Global Times: Chinese activists struggle to establish independent trade unions

A butcher who wants to run for union leader at a Walmart store in Shenzhen finds himself at a disadvantage as he challenges his employer and China's unsupportive union system. While national reform of China's only officially-recognized union will happen soon, currently workers who want to engage in collective bargaining can only count on NGOs and self-support groups to defend their labor rights.
03 December 2015
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