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Workers in limbo as authorities struggle for a coherent coronavirus policy

The government's need to get the economy moving again while controlling the spread of Covid-19 has left workers uncertain of whether or not they can return to work and the dangers they face if they do.
20 February 2020

Holding China’s trade unions to account

CLB conducts a one year, in-depth investigation into the All-China Federation of Trade Union’s reform initiative.
17 February 2020

China staggers back to work amid continued coronavirus outbreak

Employees who had been on extended leave over the Lunar New Year Holiday are gradually returning to work but serious problems resulting from the coronavirus such as a lack of protective clothing, travel restrictions, and gaps in the supply chain remain unresolved.
12 February 2020

The workers striving behind the scenes to combat the coronavirus in Wuhan

The novel coronavirus outbreak has placed extraordinary demands on Wuhan’s delivery workers, taxi drivers, sanitation and community workers, who are all playing a vital role in keeping the city moving.
04 February 2020

The state of labour relations in China, 2019

CLB examines the key developments and emerging trends in worker activism in China in 2019
13 January 2020

The shifting patterns of transport worker protests in China present a major challenge to the trade union

Strikes by transport workers have long been a feature of daily life in China’s cities but in the last five years there has been a noticeable shift in the nature of these protests, driven primarily by the rapid growth of app-based transport services and the decline of traditional services.
18 November 2019

Trade union officials in Shandong struggle to get up to speed in organizing delivery workers

Most trade union officials in Shandong understood that they had a responsibility to organize delivery workers but seemed unable to shake off their traditional shackles and find a way to cut through the red tape.
04 November 2019

China’s sanitation workers need more than just sympathy from the union

The tragic death of an elderly sanitation worker in Guangzhou highlights once again the urgent work China’s trade unions need to do in organizing, improving pay and working conditions, and countering exploitative management practices.
31 October 2019

Work accidents and deaths in China fall but familiar failings remain

The number of work-related accidents and deaths in China fell by 20.3 percent and 18.5 percent respectively in the first nine months of 2019. However, accidents are still commonplace, and the government seems more focused on managing disasters than tackling mundane health and safety issues.
30 October 2019

Workers stage multiple protests over forced layoffs at YTO Express

Couriers with logistics giant YTO Express (圆通速递) have staged multiple protests in cities across China after the company announced the “reorganisation” of its high-end business service OTP Express (承诺达) earlier this month. Workers at several OTP Express stations were told that they would have to either resign or transfer to a position in YTO’s core business, also known as the A-network, a move that would almost certainly result in a lower income.
17 October 2019
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